Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi again.

I have been up to other things... sorry to anyone who has been reading these. Yeah, no one reads this blog. So, anyways, one thing I have been up to is Role Plays. RP's are where a bunch of nerds, like me, gather someplace, like an online forum, and basically write a story. However, instead of one opinion, you have many, so the story always stays interesting.

Special thanks to CrimsonCreeper13, for being my first follower. *Raises glass in a toast.*

If you want to see what the RP's I've done, here is to my favorite one, Monster High, and one I like, but want to quit, Zombie Attack. Warning, this contains a TON of reading. Imagine my rage when I log in after leaving somewhere, and finding five new pages, with the other players still typing away. My name on this particular forum is: bnrdhdu, commonly known as bn. My avatar is the LEGO penguin. Happy reading.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I enjoy these posts. I really do, but I want to know if I am wasting my time. I hate to admit it, but I simply don't want to continue. If anyone sees this post. Leave a comment. It doesn't matter what you say, please just say something. Sorry to sound so glum, but I really need to know if I am wasting my time.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Who is a LEGO fan? Anybody? Yes, you sir, in the front row. No? You were stretching. Meh. That's Okay... Have I got something for you!

Introducing... BRIK WARS. No not a typo. Brik Wars. Take all those bored Minifigs, and add some spice and fire to their meaningless lives. Okay, maybe just fire. Here is a link to their website, so you can judge their awesomeness for yourself.  It is actually the manual... You may be made fun of, called a nerd but that's okay, because nerds rule.
Okay. Oh-Kay. O.K.

Darn it...

I am behind. I originally had this post full of stuff to make up for lost time, but due to an error, it never posted. So I am reduced to posting one thing a week MINIMUM. Please leave your feedback.

Here is a picture of the Team Fortress 2 RED team done in LEGOs.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just to check...

So is anybody reading these? Anybody at all? If you have been here at least once, please leave a comment so I can know. I would appreciate it, knowing that I'm not the only one who knows of this blogs existence.

No awesome pics today.

I can haz awesomeness?

O.k. time for something awesome, again. After this blog is all about random awesome stuff, and I should look up some stuff in advance to fill my one a day quota. After school today, I remembered this website that I think is amazing. icanhazcheeseburger is the name, awesome pictures are their game. "What are their awesome pictures?" you may ask, "What is so cool about their name, its so... random." Well good sir/madam. Their muses are... CATS. Yes, cats. People send in pictures of their cats, and then they add captions, and Vola, a wierd cat picture is now a funny cat picture.

And here is the one that started it all:
Link is here.