Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi again.

I have been up to other things... sorry to anyone who has been reading these. Yeah, no one reads this blog. So, anyways, one thing I have been up to is Role Plays. RP's are where a bunch of nerds, like me, gather someplace, like an online forum, and basically write a story. However, instead of one opinion, you have many, so the story always stays interesting.

Special thanks to CrimsonCreeper13, for being my first follower. *Raises glass in a toast.*

If you want to see what the RP's I've done, here is to my favorite one, Monster High, and one I like, but want to quit, Zombie Attack. Warning, this contains a TON of reading. Imagine my rage when I log in after leaving somewhere, and finding five new pages, with the other players still typing away. My name on this particular forum is: bnrdhdu, commonly known as bn. My avatar is the LEGO penguin. Happy reading.

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